"'m not looking for sympathy, just understanding."- Jacoby Dakota Shaddix

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Jacoby Shaddix Reveals New Papa Roach Album Title 'F.E.A.R.'

ooh, can’t wait!!!

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- en We Heart It.

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oh my god my beautiful lil Coby

u lil shiet

ruining my life with your perfection

go spray Tobin’s beanie with febreeze

that would be great

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good idea

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it’s me :)

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Last Resort by Papa Roach

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get to know me meme - favorite musical artists bands [1/5]
——-> papa roach

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Papa Roach - Paris, Le Trabendo - 28/11/2013 by Apo [Photographe Alternativ News] on Flickr.

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pruczkovska on Instagram

follow me on Instagram ;)

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Papa Roach - Volt 2013

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There ain’t no party like a P Roach party, cause a P Roach party don’t stop!!!!